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We are a premium company offering ghost writing in Delhi for both fiction and non-fiction domains. We have served a number of clients who are CEOs, Directors, Professors and other top notch professionals from all backgrounds.

What is ghost writing?

Ghost writing is a completely new concept in India and it is being adopted and accepted at a fast pace. Numerous people who are extremely successful in their field lack time to write to write for their own self and therefore, they end up hiring Ghost Writers.

Why hire a Ghost Writer?

When somebody needs to generate a novel copy for a website, a ghost writer is appointed to rephrase it, and there are several other related jobs like writing ad or business copy, or supplying new or revised material for private or official use. The ghost is employed principally as a proficient freelance writer, mainly to create extraordinary quality writing copy and so that the writing seems professional.

Why Choose Us?

We are forerunners of Ghost writing service in Delhi and we have worked on numerous projects. We will succour you through your entire journey of writing a book. We offer a wide range of solutions in writing, editing, publishing and marketing.

The ghost writing service that we offer are for novels, blogs, magazines and etc. Apart from this we also welcome other innovative projects where ghost writing service is necessary. We try and establish a cordial relationship with the client so that we comprehend the exact and precise meaning of what has to be written by us. Every project serviced by us will be thoroughly researched to understand what exactly the client wants to say and will rephrase it in a way the client would.

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