Public Relation

A good book is a sleeping beauty if readers do not know it exists; present in all its glory yet undiscovered and unloved. With thousands of books releasing annually, books face the threat of disappearing into the readers’ oblivion. Public Relations tools and techniques serve as an able assistance to bring to light upcoming products, events, services, trends and developments. Reviews, A/V releases, paid media interaction, advertisements and press releases are some ofthe popular PR tools. Self-handling public relations can be tedious, time consuming and may not be achievable to targeted extent. It may also demand hefty investment.

So how to ensure your work does not go unnoticed?

Put your horses to rest as to how-to generate inescapable presence among the readers. Our team’s unbridled efforts ensure the optimum visibility of your work. This is achieved throughstreamlined public relations activities.From coverage in popular media portalsto print & broadcast, events and press releases, networking and reader interaction, we take everything to stride and leave no stones unturned.

We provide complete PR solutions for your product. Our PR services include:

  • OrganisingPress Conference for extensive media coverage and readerinteraction
  • Advertisements and promotional piecesin Print Media
  • Blogger reviews to anchor digital media users and tap a potential fan base
  • Testimonials byexclusive readers for positive exposure and influence.
  • Instant exposure through social media

In effort to help you provide further perspective ofyour work, we can also arrange interaction with other authors.

Your jewelled treasure deserves its rightful audience and we have made it a cakewalk. Ghostwriterhas the potential to be accessed by a wider set of audience.With our rock solid credit of reliable network, we provide efficient and positive publicity for your work.You can target all your efforts on weaving your masterwork and throw away PR concerns out of the window.

Bridging the link to your book and the vision of the readers, Ghostwriterextracts wider visibilitythrough all available means.Your prized possession will be given full-fledged wings to make its flight and see the glorious light of day.

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